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An inspection programme is Checking a product or system against the standards set by the International or National Organization or itself”. Intact provides both second & third party inspection services. 

A third party inspection is an assessment performed by an organization who is an independent company and constituted to conduct inspection work, that is neither owned, operated, nor controlled by a manufacturer, vendor or supplier.

Inspection activities include:

Review of welding procedure specifications and welding operator’s qualifications, to ensure client and “Code” compliance.

Inspection of sub-assemblies and finished items for appearance, workmanship, dimensions surface conditions and operability.

Witnessing of any and all required tests strictly in accordance with approved drawings, procedures and specifications.

Witness of any required testing, to ensure that the finished items comply with the approved procedures and specifications.

Final inspections prior to dispatch which may include, but not be limited to, cleaning, coating, packing and marking of equipment, review of vendor final documentation dossier.

Issuance of detailed reports specific to the various activities performed.

Sample collection, packing & storage monitoring, loading/unloading supervision.

Stage Inspections of steel & fabrication items, raw materials and inputs including process inspection & assurance.

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